US Bad Credit Auto Loan

Bad credit auto loans can be a nightmare. Many people go through rejection after rejection, and more often than not, when they do find someone willing to finance their loan, the rate is sky-high. Even if you do have bad credit, getting an auto loan doesn't have to be this way for you. Read more to learn how to make the process as easy and inexpensive as possible.

When looking for bad credit auto loans, a commonly made mistake is letting all the potential providers for bad credit auto loans run a credit check. This harms your credit even more. Obviously the provider will have to know your credit before giving you a loan, so your best option is to obtain a copy of your credit report that you can give out to sources for bad credit auto loans.

There are many places to look for bad credit auto loans, so don't resort to your credit card, or to taking whatever offer the dealer makes you. Look online for bad credit auto loans, there are many companies that specialize in helping people with poor credit. Also check out your local bank or credit union, banks and credit unions, particularly credit unions, usually offer lower rates than car dealerships will give you on bad credit auto loans. Applying in person for the bad credit auto loan offers an advantage that online applications don't; you can better explain your credit history.